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Mark Stoughton posted a video from the Sunfish Frostbite Racing at the Barrington Yacht Club.

Zondag 25 November is het Spaanse water het strijdterrein voor de jaarlijkse CURsailing Open Sail en Surf- Edition 2012.

Wil Pennings en Gerard Helmich, twee gepensioneerde zeilers, hebben afgelopen zaterdag de door henzelf georganiseerde twaalfuursrace op het Spaanse Water met succes volbracht. Van 07.00 tot 19.00 uur wisselden de twee heren elkaar af op de Sunfish.

Ook dit jaar zal op zondag 18 november weer een kampioenschap voor de jeugd Sunfish zeilers worden georganiseerd.

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Photos and Video from the Bitter Ends Venice Women's Interclub

The Fall 2012 season was characterized by light, shifty breezes and as always in the Warren River, there was a strong current. As would be expected with light conditions, nobody dominated every week, with Scott winning 3 of the weeks, and Bill and I each taking 2. In the end, it was “not having a bad race” that was the key. Scott and I ended virtually tied, with the math going in my favor. Here are some of what I think were keys to success.

With light winds and sometimes strong current, the 2012 Sunfish Worlds was not the most exciting series I have ever been in, but it was one of the most interesting! Never have I seen so many penalties, flags, and people walking around reading rule books.

The Sunfish Class is a proud participating Class in the Pan American Games. The initail interest in having the Class selected for Pan American Games competition was sought by Venezuela as they prepared to host the Games in 1983.

21 competitors assembled at the Orleans Yacht Club for the final weekend of the 2012 New England Sunfish summer racing season. We enjoyed great weather, a strong fleet (which included 3 Buttners for the first time in a long time), and some very competitive racing.

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