2016 Greeting from Class President, Paul-Jon Patin

Posted January 04, 2016

2016 has great potential for Sunfish Class growth internationally.  Laser Performance seems to have awakened with the “Force.”  Time will only tell if promises start to become reality but we should start seeing things (e.g. part availability) change for the better in the first quarter of the year.   Sunfish Class membership is forecast to increase including new faces but also for reasons for those who may have missed a renewal or two in recent times.
2015 Youth turnout, notably female and Juniors were in record attendance abroad as Sunfish have become an inclusive bridge for the post Opti sailor who doesn’t quite fit the Laser mold while still seeking benefits from singlehanded sailing.  Pan American competition is alive and thriving in Sunfish where Caribbean and South American countries lead the way in enthusiasm, growth and top end competition.  If history serves as "a tell,” these countries, particularly South American, led the way in cell phone communications for the everyday user, (which I find as an interesting parallel to Sunfish demographics and branding).   If I'm not mistaken, long before I could afford “one," people to "the south" were chatting on their own phone for years c. mid 1990s.  Favorable trends often lend for history to repeat.
Sunfish don’t have foils or the flare of something new, but they do have top level competition between Youth, College age, Juniors and Senior both Male and Female in the most inclusive of sized sailors competing internationally.  I’ll sail my Interclub this winter, hopefully my Snipe and Laser in some warmer water but I can tell you I won’t miss the Sunfish Worlds in Categena in October.  Hope to see many of you there or read about you along the way!  Best in 2016!!

Paul-Jon Patin

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