2017 Founders Day Sunfish Regatta Recap

Posted June 13, 2017

You could call it a youth movement.

Junior Megan DeArmon led wire to wire in race one of the Founders Day Sunfish Regatta last Sunday at Hueston Woods in southern Ohio. In race 2 she did it again. In race 3 she was once again out in front, leading at the jibe mark. That's when things started to fall apart. In a frenzied rounding with brother Kevin and Mike Stratton, she hooked her mainsheet on the mark and ended up 6th. Next race, her mainsheet came out of the boom sailing downwind. Somehow she was able to sail to the leeward mark that way and, after rounding, got it threaded back in quickly enough to hold her 4th place position.

Megan would get a 5th in the last race to finish 4th overall. Not bad. However the real story here is brother Kevin. The older sibling had his sister's day in reverse, starting with a 3rd and a 5th before getting two bullets of his own. The strong finish was enough to gain a tie with Stratton  (who never won a single race) and win the tiebreaker.

Kevin, a recent Oakwood (Dayton, Ohio)  high graduate, had done something he hadn't ever done - he won a Sunfish regatta, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat from his little sister and the veteran Stratton. Both DeArmons are former or current junior champions at Hueston Sailing Association.

The older DeArmon sibling wasn't the only one enjoying a strong finish. HSA Commodore Jerry Brewster began with three very ordinary finishes before coming on strong in the end with a bullet in race 4 (his first regatta ace?) and a 2nd in race 5 to take 3rd overall. The race he won was also a wire to wire performance.

After taking the lead in race 5 Brewster taunted the opposition on the final windward leg with some classic trash talk. "Eat my dusty shorts!" he reportedly shouted to those chasing his stern. (He isn't well versed on trash talk.) He later attributed his win to the Rose Schultz school of starting - stay away from the crowd and start a the starboard end.

The top four finishers were pretty close on a windy day that left most feeling as though it was a genuine workout. Speeds ranged from brief moments of near zero to mini blasts of ten plus but mostly boats were moving quickly all day. The committee managed five races by three o'clock and, sensing enough was enough, wisely called it a day. Jerry and JoAnn Callahan, assisted by Pete/Rose, stepped in to takeover committee duty in a pinch. 


1. Kevin DeArmon  5 3 1 3 1             13

2. Mike Stratton   2 3 2 2 4                13

3. Jerry Brewster   5 4 4 1 2               16

4. Megan DeArmon  1 1 6 4 5            17

5. Rose Schultz     8 2 3 5 3                21

6. Pete Peters    4 6 5 7 7                   29

7. Kayla Draper   6 8 7 8 6                 35

8. Charlie DeArmon  7 7 8 6 8            36

9. Jack Cooper    9 10 9 10 11            49

10. Brett Hart   10 11 11 9 9              50

11. Dominic Everaet  11 9 10 11 10   51

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