2017 Sunfish North Americans - Day 2

Posted June 30, 2017

Alonso Collantes, Peru, has held his first place standing followed by Paul-Jon Patin in 2nd, Doug Kaukeinen in 3rd, Rich Chapman in 4th place and Dan Hesse in 5th.

The Top Female competitor in 26th place on Day Two is Gail Murphy-Heausler of the Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa, FL. Marguerite and Katie Koehler are in 36th and 37th place, respectively, followed by Nancy Hastings-Jaywork  (39th) and Amanda Callahan (40th).  Considering these sailing conditions require a “survival” level of thinking, to stay out on the race course and sail all day is worthy of kudos in any place standing!

Day Two’s winds of 15-20+ from the SSW mirrored the challenging conditions of Day One. Some say Day Two was even more difficult sailing than Day One especially if you ask the competitors who returned to shore with mud covering the top corner of their sail or the competitors whose spars were slightly bent.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of winds and sailing conditions will be offered on Day Three, the final day of competition for this year’s 2017 Sunfish North Americans. Will the conditions be less challenging? Will the top finishers change places?

Day 2 Results

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