2018 AuGusto! Regatta Recap

Posted August 30, 2018

Hueston Sailng Association's Sunfish regatta AuGusto! on August 19th had some old wind but a new champion. There must have been a time this year when our club went out in conditions like this and had the wind suddenly perk up. Like a dog who once found a steak on the kitchen floor, we keep returning, our tongues lolling over our lips, ready to be surprised and delighted. Well, that didn't happen. 

If you didn't get crushed in one of the horrific shifts (two mile per hour shifts), you got smothered by airless bags of deadness especially created for you by the Marquis de Sade. Still, the Wonder Girl, Laura Beebe, figured it all out and, armed with a couple of bold pin end port starts, managed to assert her control over the minions that follow her around the race course. 

She even bested visitor Jim Richter from Indianapolis, a one-time Snipe Masters National Champion, who, with his boat outfitted with the greatest array of turnblocks, cleats, and sail controls we have ever seen on a Sunfish, came in a close second by winning two of the three so-called races. 

Mighty Bill Molleran was always in the hunt and ended up tied for second with Jim but dropped to third on a tiebreaker. But on our lake there is apparently no way to stop her. The only explanation is witchcraft.

AuGusto! Race Results

1. Laura Beebe 2 4 1 7
2. Jim Richter 1 1 6 8
3. Bill Molleran 3 3 2 8
4. Mike Stratton 5 2 11 18
5. Pete Peters 8 6 4 18
6. Kevin DeArmon 7 10 3 20
7. Rose Schultz 4 8 8 20
8. Charlie DeArmon 10 7 5 22
9. Julie Molleran 9 9 7 25
10. Mark Costandi 6 5 DNS 26
11. Jonah Reid 11 11 9 31
12. Dominiek Everaet 13 12 10 35
13. Grace Reid 12 13 12 37
14. Susan Reid DNS DNS 13 43

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