2018 ISCA World Championship – Day Two

Posted October 09, 2018

Story by Vicki Palmer

Day Two’s racing was postponed for 3 hours due to waiting for the right tide/current/wind formula to allow boats to sail safely through the channel outlet to the race course.  When a 70-foot cabin cruiser almost tipped over before the channel-passing conditions were just right, the decision to postpone wasn't difficult.  

As a result, only two races were sailed today but in somewhat milder but still challenging conditions than yesterday. The winds seemed to be a little less, maybe 13-17, but still with 6-10 ft seas to maneuver over, around and not under. No rescues had to be made today.

To clarify yesterday’s wind conditions, some on-the-water sailors estimated yesterday’s winds to be 20-25 with the caveat “we’re not wusses!” The local knowledge aboard the Signal boat, however, sticks by his 15-18 estimate but noting that with the high 6-8 foot seas breaking unevenly making it seem like the winds were 20-25 mph!

The top five finishers at the end of Day Two show Jean Paul de Trazegnies, PER, still in the number one spot with two bullets, two 2nds and a 3rd. David Hernandez, GUA, moved up to spot number two with two bullets, two 3rds and a 6th. In 3rd place only two points behind David Hernandez is Alonso Collantes, PER.

The 4th place finisher is Martin Alsogaray, ARG, whose bullet in Race 2 on Day One holds him in the Top Five. And in 5th place is Jonathan Martinetti, ECU, who keeps moving up in the rankings. So watch out competitors!

The weather predictions for Day 3 aren’t looking too hopeful right now. But this professional and highly competent Race Committee is ever vigilant about watching the wind/tide/current/storm conditions allowing for maximum safety while also wanting the competitors to be able to test their world champion level of skills.

We will keep everyone updated with what’s happening at this year’s ISCA World Championship being raced at the Carolina Yacht Club located in Wrightsville Beach, NC. A beautiful place with some of the nicest people on the planet!

Results after 5 Races 

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