2019 New England Regionals Tentative Schedule/Barrington Frostbite Revival

Posted November 20, 2018

The 2019 New England Regionals will take place at Hyannis Yacht Club and Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club.

The Hyannis event is tentatively scheduled for June 8-9 (the week BEFORE) Father’s Day.

The Wequaquet Regional is the weekend of July 27-28.

Both will be qualifiers for the 2020 World Championships.


In more current events, the Frostbite series at Barrington Yacht Club is heating up with a revival of participation of sorts. 15 competitors have already sailed after 4 weeks of racing, with four more weeks to go.

So far Andy David holds a slim lead over Scott Greenbaum.

Racing will continue on Sunday Nov. 25 (temps forecast to be in the 50s!) so come take a break from the family and have some fun!

Full standings here

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