A Letter from ISCA President Paul-Jon Patin

Posted October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014

ISCA has elected a new slate of officers, all being new to the job (with the exception of me and of course, Rob;) but up to it I can assure you!  May I congratulate:

  • Larry Mass, Vice President
  • Vicki Palmer, Secretary
  • Sonya Dean, Treasurer
  • Rob Eberle,  Measurer

That said, we saw the end of an era in 2014 when the Class decided to move the back end book keeping and administrative duties to a professional organization, "One Design Management," and Sherri Campbell, titled Executive Secretary for business and class operations. The Exec Sec is a non-voting position.

Consequently, Terry and Peg Beadle ran the Sunfish US and International Class for over 25 years and were my earliest supporters in the days when, "I was too broke to pay attention,” and have become dear friends over the years. Although we chose to move in this direction I already miss them dearly at regattas, particularly Peg who was elected a Lifetime Member of the Sunfish Class at last night’s World Council meeting. I personally thank you this one last time and truly hope to see you in the not too distant future as you shared so many special moments in the previous 23 World Championships not to mention North American and regional events.

In this transition, Terry reminded me, "this is not personal," but to me and I am sure both of them it is inevitably personal to be part of something so long and then become separated from duties, the trials and tribulations but most importantly, friends. Last night Pat Manning was not reelected which is one of the most difficult experiences I have had to deal with as a Class officer now for 20 years. In Antigua, Kathy Remmer was elected and amongst some of the opposing supporters I felt friendships were if nothing else, strained. Those relationships have evolved and in the end the change was transformational as Kathy introduced technology that brought us closer to worlds apart, financially speaking of course. Pat Manning served this Class (and still serves the US as treasurer) since Kathy left, doing the book keeping in tandem with Terry's efforts, check writing, auditing, tax returns and many other miscellaneous duties most if not just about all never knew. I am truly thankful for her help and service as those who came before me in recognizing Pat and appointing her a Lifetime member of the Class years ago. It should be recognized that it "is" personal to be separated from duties in something you love amongst people who you love and love you.

Thank you Pat, Terry and Peg. You changed my life in your support for me and your efforts to build and run this organization, and your Lifetime memberships will always reflect how much you meant to us.

Yours Truly,
Paul-Jon Patin

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