AuGusto! Sunfish Regatta Recap

Posted August 22, 2017

By, Mike Stratton, Hueston Sailing Association

It was the young woman with the Gold and Blue World Championship sail against the perennial Sunfish King, and once again the girl with the golden tiller came out on top. In a remarkable feat of steel steady performance in wind that was anything but, Laura Beebe took her second straight Sunfish regatta title over Bill Molleran, someone who was once considered unstoppable, winning the Augusto! Sunfish title at Hueston Woods in sunny southern Ohio.  It wasn't easy. After four races Beebe led by five points but the wind had already made a mockery of any attempt at consistency. Every competitor but one ended up with at least a sixth place finish or worse by the end of the day, including Molleran. His 6th place finish in race four is the one that left him five points in debt. He needed to win the last race. She needed to have a sixth place finish of her own. She was due.

It almost happened. Beebe found herself behind by seven boats at the leeward mark on lap one in the final race and Molleran in the lead. It was an upset of epic proportions in the making. But somehow the talented Beebe picked off one boat at a time, including one right at the line to finish second to Molleran's bullet, and the pony tailed human resources director beat the engineer to win the regatta by four points.  Beebe won only a single race but she had 2's in all the others, a feat made all the more remarkable on a race course that saw strong gusts appear from different sides of the course each lap and completely disappear on the other, a feature that murdered anyone on the wrong side. Beebe was on the wrong side on occasion, but really good racers somehow overcome those situations. And Beebe is a really good racer.  Finishing third and making it two out of three of the top places for the distaff side was Rose Schultz who won race 4. Jerry Brewster got the other bullet but the rest belonged to the two top guns.

FINAL SCORES            

1. Laura Beebe            2 2 1 2 2                      9

2. Bill Molleran           3 1 2 6 1                      13

3. Rose Schultz           6 4 6 1 8                      25

4. Roger Henthorn      9 5 3 5 3                      25

5. Jerry Brewster         1 8 8 7 9                      33

6. Pete Peters              7 3 5 8 10                    33

7. Ken Wright              5 6 9 3 12                    35

8. Megan DeArmon    10 7 4 9 5                    35

9. Kevin DeArmon     11 9 10 4 4                  38

10. Mike Stratton        4 11 7 11 6                  39

11. Kayla Draper         8 12 12 10 13              55

12. Charlie DeArmon 12 10 11 13 11            57

13. Dominic Everaet   13 13 14 12 7              59

14. Jack Cooper          14 14 13 14 14            69

15. Eli Rovito             15 15 15 15 15            75

3rd place finisher Rose Schultz on the left; second place Bill Molleran on the right; and champion Laura Beebe in the center

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