Chile’s Clemente Seguel Wins Youth NAs

Posted July 26, 2016

The wind didn't come in on Tuesday, leaving the results as they were after Monday: Chile's Clemente Seguel on top with 4 bullets in 4 races. 

Seguel, 16, finished second in last-year's Youth Worlds in Peru. New York's Nicholas Patin was 2nd with 6 points and New Jersey's Nicholas Reyes was 3rd with 9 points.

It's been a hot and humid start to the North American's week in Lewes, DE. Monday's temps touched 100 degrees with a heat index of more than 115 degrees. Tuesday was a bit cooler (95 degrees). but the wind just didn't come in for the youths. 

Only five sailors competed, however a few international youths opted to skip the event and focus on the open championship, which begins on Wednesday. 

Here are the full results

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