Florida Regional News May 2017

Posted May 01, 2017

By Lynne Randall - USSCA Florida Regional Rep.


Joel Hurley of Daytona Beach dominated the FL State Sunfish Championship with 5 straight bullets, losing out to Dave Dunn, also of Daytona Beach, for the sixth and final race. With the throw out, Joel finished with a total of 5 points; Dave, in second place, finished with a total of 11 points. Next year’s championship will be hosted by the Halifax Sailing Association in Daytona Beach, keeping with the tradition of the winner having the honor of hosting the following year’s regatta. Joel gets to put his name on the updated perpetual trophy. More about that later.

The other top finishers were all from the host club, Davis Island Yacht Club (DIYC) in Tampa - Andy Hayward in third, Gail Heausler, 4th and top female, and Joe Blouin, 5th. Abby Hayward was the top junior. Honorable mention goes out to Fritz and Holly Hanselman in 6th and 7th place respectively.

Results are available on



Twenty-five competitors participated although only half sailed all the races in an unusually windy and gusty weekend. One broken mast, three tiller extension malfunctions, multiple capsizes were all part of the regatta yet there neither collisions nor protests. On Sunday, race committee made two popular calls - first, to bring us in before the first race when gusts hit the 30+ range and second, to end after the sixth race, allowing for a throw out.

Conditions were challenging for all sailors. Oh, if only DIYC had a hot tub!  It would have been full of tired, sore sailors Saturday evening after 4 races in 17-19 its with gusts in the 25 range. Sunday proved to be more of the same except even more gusty.

For those of us without lots of experience driving in waves, there was quite a learning curve to not have lots of water coming over the bow downwind or feeling the pounding of the boat upwind. Those that stayed on shore provided much appreciated dolly assistance.

I updated the perpetual trophy since it had run out of space for new names in 2013. We have no fleet or regional budget so I am taking up a collection. So far, I have raised $100 of the $250 expense. In the spirit of GoFundMe, donations are needed. Send checks to Lynne Randall, 716 Myrtle Way S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705.


Upcoming events:

May 6 - Sunfish Saturday is held the first Saturday of every month at DIYC.

Races start a 1 pm for friendly, low key competition.


May 20 - the FL Women’s State Championship, also at DIYC.

Gail Heausler is the regatta chair as last year’s winner and this year’s host. This is a one-day regatta with a pub crawl the night before. Come have a great time socializing and competing with other women sailors.  

Registration available on-line at https://www.regattatech.com/events/DIYC/FlLadyFish17/registration/showEntryForm

NOR: https://www.regattatech.com/public/DIYC/FlLadyFish17/2017%20Womens%20Sunfish%20Florida%20State%20champ.pdf


May 29 - Race around Lido - sponsored by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.

While this race is not a Sunfish only event, there are a lot of Sunfish that participate in this annual event around Lido Key. https://sarasotasailingsquadron.org/event/race-around-lido/?instance_id=3045

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