Alonso Collantes of Peru Is the 2016 Sunfish World Champ!

Posted November 27, 2016

Nov. 27, 2016, 3:50 P.M. ET

Alonso Collantes of Peru has won the 2016 Sunfish World Championship. Nothing official yet from Colombia, but it's a done deal. Congratulations to our Champion!





Nov. 27:6:30 a.m. ET

(from Vicki Palmer) Alonso Collantes Remains in 1st Place After Day 4. He has won 6 of the 12 races and averages just over 2 points per race! If three more races are sailed on the final day, he and the rest of the fleet will get a second throw-out, which could move a lot of sailors around under Collantes, as multiple top skippers were DSQd on Saturday.

Cheers could be heard from the 14th floor of the hotel, where we ate breakfast every morning, when everyone noticed there were no breakers crashing against the shore. This meant there shouldn't be 10-15 foot swells. Hooray! 

Although Alonso Collantes sails in Lima, Peru, in big swells all the time, we quickly figured out Alonso can sail in any conditions! And what a nice young man who even took the time on shore to give a brief s

ailing seminar of how he trims in or out to climb and descend the swells at maximum speed and minimum distance. Edgar Diminich/ECU remains near the top in 2nd followed by Jonathan Martinetti/ECU, 3rd; Caterina Romero/PER, 4th; David Mendelblatt/FL, 5th; John Birkett/ECU, 6th; Eduardo Cordero/AL, 7th; Jose Daniel Hernandez/GUA, 8th; Jesus Bailon/ECU, 9th and Esteban Echavarria/COL, 10th. Many protests were heard and scores were adjusted.

The plan was to sail 4 races on Saturday so that only 2 races would have to be sailed on Sunday, giving the sailors more time to unrig and pack up the boats for the local dealer to sell after the regatta. The Sailing Instructions state 15 races must be sailed to get two throwouts instead of one. So that's the goal. And everyone wants those two throwouts! So the goal on the last day, Day 5, is to sail three shorter races and get everyone in by 3-3:30 p.m. instead of the usual 5:-5:30. Although everyone has sailed their best and enjoyed what this beautiful city has to offer, we are all ready to go home.

Only one more day of racing and, unless total disaster happens, Alonso Collantes of Peru will carry home the first place trophy for this year's Sunfish Worlds Championship.



Nov. 25, 7:15 a.m. ET

Some more details about day 3 from Colombia (Via Vicki Palmer)

It was another beautiful day in Cartagena on Thursday filled with sunshine but lacking the kind of winds needed for hiking. The competitors sailed in an average of 6-10 with the third race of the day having the lightest air and being the most challenging because of the rolling waves.

But Alonso Collantes mastered the conditions again and is leading in 1st place as of Day Three. Following Alonso we have: 2nd Jonathan Martinetti/ECU; 3rd David Mendelblatt/FL; 4th Caterina Romero/PER; 5th Edgar Diminich/ECU; 6th Jose Daniel Hernandez/GUA; 7th John Birkett/ECU; 8th Eduardo Cordero/AL; 9th Jean Paul Trazegnies/PER and 10th Esteban Echavarria/COL. Today (Friday) is a lay day. Some sailors are making plans to tour the islands, visit the aquarium and the Old City. Others are just going to pamper their aching muscles and relax. Three races each day on Saturday and Sunday will determine the Sunfish Worlds Champion.  


Nov. 24, 1;45 p.m. ET

Alonso Collantes of Peru -- already with a big lead -- won two of the three races at the Sunfish Worlds in Colombia on Thursday to open up a 25-point lead. He stands with a net of 21 points after 9 races (8 net). An amazing feat with a deep and talented 64-boat fleet. Six more races are scheduled. 

2010 Champ, Jonathan Martinetti of Ecuador, also had a big day with a 3,1,2 to move into second place with 46 points. 

Full Results are Here


Nov. 24, 1;45 p.m. ET

The schedule has been changed and the sailors are back on the water for day 3. Today had been scheduled as a lay day, but that's been moved to tomorrow (Friday). Some more details from Vicki Palmer on site in Colombia:

"the swells were 10-15 feet high yesterday (Wed) ! Several sets of spars were broken when folks got caught crosswise to the swells. It happened to Eugene Shcmitt yesterday when he was on his way to the course yesterday when his spar broke. He had to go back and change sails. It also happened to a couple of younger sailors the day before when they thought it would be fun to try to surf down the big swells .. the result was a broken spar!  "

Light air and massive waves! Sounds challenging, to say the least!


Nov 24: 7 a.m. ET

Your humble correspondent is thousands of miles away, but it looks like things got interesting in the protest room after sailing on Wednesday. Edgar Diminich/ECU, who was in 2nd, has been disqualified from the 6th race, moving several sailors up in the standings. The USA's David Mendelblatt now stands in 2nd place, 18 points behind leader Alonso Collantes of Peru. The NOR says today is a day off, but there is always a chance that changes have been made in Colombia due to weather forecasts. Stay tuned!

In the meantime enjoy these photos on Facebook from the event

Happy US Thanksgiving!


Nov. 23, 7 p.m. ET

Alonso Collantes of Peru Extends Lead on Day Two

Today's sailing conditions were a little better than yesterday's and Alonso Collantes of Peru took control of the regatta after day 2 of 5. Winds averaged about 7-10. But the surf kept on a rollin' just not quite as bad as yesterday. Three races were sailed today. A couple of general recalls tamed in the anxious ones especially when the U flag came next. Unfortunately, some sailors were very close to fantastic starts which were negated with the U-flag 

calling. The next 9 top finishers were: #2, Edgar Diminich/ECU; #3, David Mendelblatt/FL; #4, Caterina Romero/PER, #5, Jonathan Martinetti/ECU; #6, Jean Paul Trazegnies/PER, #7, Jose Daniel Hernandez/GUA; #8, John Birkett/ECU; #9, Francesca Balta/PER; #10, Matias Dyck/ECU.

Full results here




Nov. 23, 8 a.m. (ET) 

Alonso Collantes of Peru Leads at the Sunfish Worlds Championship in Cartagena, Colombia

Day One's racing delighted the light air fans and was the nemesis of those who prefer to sail in heavy air. The average wind speed was 7-8. But the sun was shining and the rolling surf could be quite soothing if sitting on a 60-foot yacht moseying around the bay. But the 64 competitors had no time for moseying. Racing was serious business. Alonso Collantes of Peru used everything to his advantage and finds himself in first place on Day One. David Mendelblatt of Florida follows in 2nd place with Caterina Romero of Peru in 3rd, Edgar Diminich of Peru in 4th, Francesca Balta of Peru in 5th, Jose Daniel Hernandez of Guatemala in 6th, Eduardo Cordero of Alabama in 7th, Andres Bocalandro of Venezuela in 8th, Jonathan Martinetti of Ecuador in 9th and John Birkett of Ecuador in 10th. Day Two's racing continues today. Winds are predicted to be a little stronger. But we'll have to wait and see.
Full results here

Nov. 22, 9:22 a.m. ET:

The competitors are ready to head out to the course after last night's opening ceremonies. 

There are sailors from 17 countries participating and Cartagena, Colombia, is buzzing with anticipation today to see 64 participants battle it out for the top places. Not an easy task when they'll be facing past World and National champions from many different countries. So let the games begin!

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