Game for a Sunfish regatta on the West Coast of Wisconsin???

Posted March 12, 2018

Hi folks,

I've started sailing Sunfish again. The last time I owned a boat was 45 years ago and last season had a great time attending 11 regattas between Lincoln, Nebraska and the middle of Ohio.

We have a great venue​ for racing small boats here in La Crosse, Wisconsin (a dam to Lake connected to the Mississippi River system — no current and exquisite beauty. As part of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge the area is carefully managed (no McMansions).

There's virtually no power boat traffic and the tall bluffs, a few miles away from the lake on each side, venturis the wind and we actually have better velocity than the surrounding Midwest during the summer.

I've talked to one of the spark plugs of the Chicago-area fleet, USSCA President Rich Chapman, and he thought mid-June would be a good time to put on an event.

My question: if we scheduled a regatta would you be interested in coming up???

It's a wonderful town for vacationing. They don't call this "God's country" for nothing! So come early or stay late and bring the family. We can arrange for free camping at the club and possible housing. There is a historic downtown just a couple miles away and lots of great lodging in every price range.

Please email with questions or to express interest in attending. If I don't receive adequate feedback we probably won't launch the event.

Vote early and often!

Mark Kastel

La Crosse Sailing Club

Sunfish 7500



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