Gust Wins International Masters

Posted March 25, 2014

3 p.m. ET March 25

All racing called for Tuesday, leaving Greg Gust as the champ. There are apparently still some protests/redress hearings potentially coming, but nothing that would change the top 2 spots. Hank Saurage is 2nd. 


11 a.m. ET March 25

High winds have held the sailors ashore in the 3rd and final day of the International Masters. A call will be made at 1400 HRs. The fleet is 1 race short of a throwout, so lots of anxious sailors on the hard.


9 a.m. ET March 25:

Going into the final day of racing, Greg Gust holds a 4-point lead over Hank Saurage. Well behind the leaders, there is a 3-way tie for 3rd between Todd Edwards, Rich Chapman and Gail Heausler. PJ Patin, among others, could be right back in it if there is a throwout factored in.

The day was not without controversey. In the final race (race 6) both Chapman and Patin were ultimately scored as the winner. Chapman for crossing the finish line first and Patin for being awarded redress.

Patin's redress was based on the Race Committee breaking rule 32.2: Under no circumstance under may a race committee shorten a course to a non required gate. The committee shortened the race to the mid-course finish line, rather than at the next mark of the course (the windward mark). The RC signaled shorten course several minutes up the leg and Patin, who ventured out to the south anticipation the seabreeze which did come while the race was finishing, sailed for the windward mark. Because of his he lost 3 boats. Had he known the race was finishing halfway up the beat, he would have covered the fleet and likely retained his lead, the judges ruled. .

Sounds like high drama in the Pan Handle!

Full results here

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