ISCA President Letter, April 30, 2018

Posted April 30, 2018

Dear Class Members,

The 2018 sailing season is finally here. It has been a long and cold winter and we are anxious to get back in our Sunfish for another racing season.   I am happy to announce that on Friday April 27, 2018 ISCA has reached a Trademark Agreement with Velum, the owner of the trademark, not to be confused with Laser Performance (LP) the Builder. This is only a Trademark Agreement that will allow ISCA to use the Sunfish logo and the word Sunfish in the prescribed font.  Any items in the original Agreement that did not deal directly with the trademark were removed.  This Agreement, previously approved by the World Council, allows ISCA to operate as an independent Class Association while also enabling ISCA and LP to move forward and collaborate in growing the Class in both size and geography.

What this agreement does not do, however, is solve the problem of Sunfish charter boats.  World Championship overseas venues still pose a challenge for charter boats.  Right now, without Builder support, we could be relegated to World Championships in the U.S.  We are working hard to find solutions for Bonaire and Martinique.  Laser Performance has expressed interest in supporting ISCA and holding World Championships in Asia and Europe.  I am hopeful and encouraged that Laser Performance will help provide charter boat support going forward. If not, ISCA will have to look elsewhere.  

As we all try to move this Class forward, I am asking all members to consider helping the Class by volunteering for an office or committee.  We have had the same volunteers for many years who have continued to donate their time and energy to run this Class.  It is time that we add some new members to the World Council.  If anyone would like to get involved and volunteer, we have several positions open. Having an aging class and an old boat design presents several challenges in growing this Class, especially with bringing young sailors into this Class.  It is vital to the survival of our Class that all of you help promote ISCA at regattas and at your yacht clubs. 

In an effort to get more interest and participation, this year’s World Championship will be a bring-your-own-boat regatta and has been increased to 100 boats. Charters will be available for those sailors who cannot bring their own boat.  I would like to see the 2018 ISCA World Championships filled. If you have not qualified for the World Championships and would like to compete, I encourage you to register as an at-large entry.  Wrightsville Beach is one of the best ocean venues on the east coast, and the Carolina Yacht Club won the St. Petersburg’s trophy last year which is awarded to the Club that hosted the most outstanding event in 2017.

Lastly, I want to thank Rob Eberle for his service as ISCA Chief Measurer.  Rob has informed me that he will retire as the ISCA Chief Measurer after the World Championships this year.  This concludes 10 years of service of outstanding service to the Class. Rob, always the professional, took the job of Class Measurer very seriously and traveled to all of the regattas on his own dime.   Rob was instrumental in getting me involved in the Class and was always available to share his knowledge with anyone who asked for help.  Rob is an excellent ambassador of our class.  I want to say, “Thank you, Rob, and while we will miss you as Chief Measurer we look forward to seeing you on the race course.”

Now that we have put the Trademark Agreement astern we can focus on the 2018 World Championships.  I look forward to seeing many of you at this year’s ISCA World Championships scheduled for Oct. 3-6 for the ISCA Youth World Championship and Oct. 6-12 for the ISCA World Championship in Wrightsville Beach, NC.


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Laurence H. Mass

ISCA President

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