ISCA President Letter - November 22, 2017

Posted November 22, 2017

World Sailing affirms ISCA as the only Class Association to hold World Championships for the Sunfish Class Sailboat.

To all ISCA members and National Class Associations, thank you for your support and perseverance.  I have received many letters of support, encouragement and donations.  As I stated many times over the last month, ISCA is the only Class association recognized by World Sailing.  That will not change.  I received a letter from Andy Hunt CEO of World Sailing earlier this week confirming World Sailing position.  Below are several quotes from the letter:

“World Sailing cannot accept a rival international class association being created without the consent of the current class.  Doing so fundamentally undermines the Class’s membership of World Sailing and the purpose of World Sailing Classes.  In particular, ISCA has an obligation under the World Sailing Constitution to (emphasis added):

“… be responsible for implementing the objects and decision of the Federation affecting their classes and for protecting the design characteristics of their class” [Art. 8].

It is almost inconceivable that World Sailing could admit ISCO to World Sailing Class membership (without the agreement of ISCA) as this would undermine ISCA’s right and obligation under our Constitution to protect the design characteristics of their class.”

As I have said previously, the class associations protect the integrity of one-design sailing.  World Sailing has also offered their help in mediating the trademark dispute and ISCA welcomes this opportunity.  I want to thank World Sailing for supporting ISCA and for offering their assistance in resolving these matters with LP.

Seas the Day!

Laurence H. Mass

ISCA President

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