Peru’s Angello Giuria Successfully Defends Sunfish Youth World Title

Posted August 26, 2017

Day Three and Final Day of the Sunfish Youth World Championship held at Brant Beach Yacht Club in NJ couldn't have had more perfect winds and weather along with outstanding Race Committee work thanks to PRO Bub Kovacs and his A Team - Janet, Kelly, Susan and Jack. Wait a minute ... who pocketed my anemometer? An inside story that drew chuckles on all 3 days. No one said RC volunteers had to be serious all the time. It's perfectly OK to lighten RC duty with humor and good fun while also doing an excellent job. These volunteers knew how to do everything right, and the Sunfish Class appreciates them more than they know.

Although the Top Finishing places changed every once in a while to keep us wondering who will be the final winner, Top Finisher Angello Giuria of Peru didn't disappoint anyone with his excellent sailing skills and champion spirit. What a nice young man who also knows how to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Finishing second in the final standings was Ignacio Antequera Erro of Spain whose concentration on the race course was just amazing. And that concentration paid off by keeping him in the Top Finishes all three race days.

In 3rd place for the final standings was Clemente Sequel of Chile who worked his way up in the standings doing what he does best ... sailing smart and sailing fast. At last year's Sunfish World Championship in Cartagena, Colombia, we let Clemente's Dad know what a wonderful young man his son was. So being a champion on the water seems to be coupled with being a champion off the water as well for so many of our Youth competitors.

The 4th and 5th place finishers were Alejandro Mago and Top Female Miranda Paz respectively, both representing Peru.

But we can't forget the awesome and hard work done every day, many times a day starting early every morning by Dori Jo Gugliemini and her committee of helpers who took such wonderful care of the competitors, coaches, family members and Race Committee. Without that level of dedication a special event can fall flat. But not under Dori Jo's care and watchful eye! Brant Beach Yacht Club and its members are deserving of the greatest praise.

Now competitors are arriving from all over the world to compete in the Sunfish World Championship that starts with official racing on Monday, Aug.28. New Sunfish out-of-the-box are being assigned to competitors as they arrive. And boats are being rigged and fine-tuned to meet Class Measurement rules.

So let the races begin! ... and stay tuned for race results as they happen.

Final 2017 Sunfish Youth World Championship Results

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