South East Regional # 2 A life Saver!

Posted August 04, 2015

South East Regional # 2  A life Saver!

The Southeast Regional kicked off again at Carolina Yacht Club 1853 at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.   The regatta started off with some excitement on the way out to the Ocean Course.  On the 45 minute sail out to the Ocean, Sailor Jamie Deale from Southport N.C., noticed a man being pulled out into the inlet and struggling to keep his head above the waves and tired.  Three women were frantically screaming at him from the beach.  Jamie was able to rescue the drowning man and put him back on the beach.  Before setting out to the racecourse.  

The Day started with a light air race and ended with the sea breeze building and a heavy air final race.  Bill Rainey CYC, who won the Regional last year, took the first race after almost missing the offset mark.  Race two was won Andrew Bates of Southport NC, who sailed last year for Kings Point MMA.  Joel Hurley, of Halifax Sailing Association in Daytona FL, won race three.  Joel won the first Southeast Regional earlier this year in Charleston SC.  

Going into Sunday the regatta was still up for grabs.  After all sailors were towed out to the Ocean, the sea breeze began to fill in.  The first race was light air and won by William Smith of CYC.  The last race was a return of the heavy air, like the previous day.  After another general recall the Z flag was hoisted.   The boat end of the line was favored on the last race.  Rob Eberle was over early but was close enough to the committee boat to hear his number being called.  He went back and cleared.  Two other sailors were not so fortunate. The Z flag penalty however would cost Eberle  the Regatta.   Joel Hurley took the last race. He is the only sailor to get two bullets at the Regatta.

This set up a first place tie.  William Smith of CYC and David Dunn of HSA tied with a point total of 17 points for five races.  Yes, 17 points for 5 races was the winning total!   William Smith won the tiebreaker and the Southeast Regional.  Carolina Yacht Club retains the John Anderson Trophy for another year.

Top 5 were:

1.    William Smith CYC
2.    Dave Dunn HSA
3.    Joel Hurley HAS
4.    Rob Eberle MOBYC
5.    Bill Raney CYC

Top Grand Master     David Dunn   HSA

Top Master         Paul Welles   ODC

Top Female         Sonya Dean  MOBYC

Top Youth         Dean Omirly CYC

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