USSCA Announces the Sunfish Youth Foundation

Posted May 05, 2017

US Sunfish Class Association Announces the Sunfish Youth Foundation (SYF) to Encourage Youth Sailing in a Sunfish

The Sunfish Class Office - May 5, 2017

The United States Sunfish Class Association is excited to announce the Sunfish Youth Foundation.  This foundation is being formed to help introduce young sailors to the Sunfish and encourage more Youth to sail Sunfish competitively.  Those sailors who sail a Sunfish know what a universal boat the Sunfish is for all ages and skill levels from casual sailing to competing against top sailors at world championship events.

The mission of SYF is to provide financial support for youth sailors who wish to attend local, national and world championship regattas.  Donations made to the SYF will allow us to sponsor more activities that promote Sunfish sailing such as on- and off-the-water sailing clinics, rigging and go-fast seminars, youth travel subsidies to major competitions and publish/mail promotional materials to Clubs with a Junior Sailing Program to name just a few possibilities.

Some forward-thinking Class members at the 2014 Sunfish North Americans in Mississippi started a Pay It Forward tradition of collecting cash in a jar to be used to help offset the cost of Youth registration fees at the next year’s North Americans. At the North American Championships in Dallas alone, over $600 was collected. These funds have been used to pay entry fees for youth sailors to participate in recent nation and world events.  So the concept has been tried, tested and proven to be successful!

Along with establishing the SYF to help fund these additional activities, our goal is to encourage all Class members not only to donate but to also help organize Youth activities at their sailing Clubs.  Events such as these can also be set up as a fundraiser for SYF. The ideas are endless!

A committee of three USSCA board members, chaired by Vicki Palmer, USSCA’s Youth Coordinator, has been set up to review applications for requests. Applications for funding will be available on the Sunfish Class website,

To keep our Class members notified of SYF’s successes, a section in the Windward Leg magazine will be dedicated to recognizing the contributors (names only and/or reason for contribution such as remembering someone special). This section will also include a report of activities that have been set up to promote Youth sailing in a Sunfish.

All contributions should be mailed to:


United States Sunfish Class

ATTENTION: Sunfish Youth Foundation (SYF)

P.O. Box 956

Daleville, AL 36322-0956


Click here to read the Announcement Letter

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