Venezuelan David Gonzalez Arria wins the 2014 Sunfish Youth World Championship

Posted October 12, 2014

David Gonzalez Arria of Venezuela stayed ahead of his closest competitor and finished third in the race to win the series.  Alonso Collantes of Peru was seventh in the final race to finish second overall.  Finishing strong in the last two days of racing and rounding out the top three was Daniela Rodriguez of Ecuador. John Birkett also representing Ecuador was fourth and Chase Carraway of the United States finished in fifth.  Thirty seven competitors from six countries participated in the championship.

At the awards ceremony, Dean Omirly was recognized as the youngest competitor.  Two awards were presented to highlight exemplary sportsmanship.  Kelsey Ferguson and Marc DeLoach were recognized for their displays of good sportsmanship throughout the regatta.


David Gonzalez Arria - 2014 Sunfish Youth Worlds champion

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