Words of Wisdom

Six years after his NAs win, Bill Brangiforte has written up some insightful thoughts about the 2016 NAs, including tips on sailing in the current and dealing with offshore v onshore winds.

Andy David, who once again won the Fall 2013 Frostbiting Series at Barrington (RI) Yacht Club, shares some of his wisdom

Former NA champ Bill Brangiforte shares his thoughts on the 2013 New England Regional that he won and on what makes a good regatta great.

Words of wisdom from Andy David on his win on Bolton Lake 2013

The Fall 2012 season was characterized by light, shifty breezes and as always in the Warren River, there was a strong current. As would be expected with light conditions, nobody dominated every week, with Scott winning 3 of the weeks, and Bill and I each taking 2. In the end, it was “not having a bad race” that was the key. Scott and I ended virtually tied, with the math going in my favor. Here are some of what I think were keys to success.

With light winds and sometimes strong current, the 2012 Sunfish Worlds was not the most exciting series I have ever been in, but it was one of the most interesting! Never have I seen so many penalties, flags, and people walking around reading rule books.

We had an interesting series this year. While the fleet size was down a bit, we had really good racing, and personally, I think I learned more this year than ever before. I like to take things I read about or know that I need work on, and put them into play while frostbiting. Here are a few things I picked up this season and am looking forward to trying out this summer.

It appears that all those Sunday afternoons, freezing our butts off, on the Warren River, is really paying off. Eric Woodman and I just returned from the Sunfish International Masters in Florida, where we finished first and second.

With Andy, Scott and I virtually tied going into the last race (Back to the Dock), and ice forming on our decks, it was a fitting end to the Fall series. The ice cold Northerly we were racing in did two things: It froze our fingers (somebody has to make some gloves that actually keep your hands warm without being too bulky) and caused an extremely shifty breeze. I would like to discuss this breeze and mention a few other thoughts.

We were lucky to have Juan Delgado sail with us on this windy day. For the last five years, Juan has been one of the fastest Sunfish sailors in the world; his lowest finish in a World championship was 6th! I thought it would be a good idea to write up some lessons learned, after sailing with him and asking lots of questions. Although Juan only weighs 150 lbs., he is incredibly fast in breeze. Here are some of his thoughts.

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