ISCA 2017 Schedule

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August 2017 Regattas
Date Event Region Loc Host Type Contact NOR Reg Results
8/4-8/6/17 SAYRA One-Design Southeast NC/USA O Kevin Smith
8/12/17 Oriental SF Late Series #2 Southeast NC/USA O Jim Edwards
8/12/17 Hoop Pole Regatta Southeast NC/USA O Brent Creelman
8/12-8/13/17 2017 NY Upstate Sunfish Regional New York NY/USA Canandaigua Yacht Club WQ Lee Montes
8/19-8/20/17 2017 Western Regional Regatta / One Design Regatta West CA/USA Mission Bay Yacht Club WQ Les Piehl
8/23-8/26/17 2017 Sunfish Youth World Championship Championships Brant Beach/NJ Brant Beach Yacht Club O Dori Jo Gugliemini NOR
8/26/17 2017 Lake Naomi Regatta Mid-Atlantic PA/USA Lake Naomi Sailing Club Fleet #189 O Mike May
8/26-8/27/17 Black Beard Regatta Southeast NC/USA Blackbeard Sailing Club O Eddy Parker
8/26-9/1/17 2017 Sunfish World Championship Championships Brant Beach/NJ Brant Beach Yacht Club I Dori Jo Gugliemini NOR
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