2018 ISCA World Championship

Event Date(s): Saturday, October 6, 2018 - Friday, October 12, 2018
Host: Carolina Yacht Club
401 S. Lumina Avenue Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
Contact: Sterling Powell
(910) 520-2294

***Charter Boats Information***

  E-mail / Phone Charter Information

Dinghy Shop

Jim or Marguerite Koehler


+1 (631) 264-0005


Sayre Sailing

John Sayre 


+1 (843) 534-0560


Sunfish Direct 

Chris McClellan


+ 1 (586) 350-6010


Triton Yacht Sales

Paul Welles


+ 1 (252) 249-2210

Charter Boat Flyer
Event Type: Invitational
Registration: Registration Site
Entry List:
Allen, Thomas USA Confirmed
Alsogaray, Martin Argentina Confirmed
Bertocci, Simon USA Confirmed
Butine, John USA Confirmed
Cappelleti, Guillermo Peru Confirmed
Coffill, Christine USA Confirmed
Condon, John USA Confirmed
De Luca, Luigi Italy Confirmed
De Trazegnies, Jean Paul Peru Confirmed
Dean, Sonya USA Confirmed
Dunn, Dave USA Confirmed
Fonseca, John USA Confirmed
Jaywork, Nancy USA Confirmed
Linton, Jeff USA Confirmed
Liotta, Antonio Italy Confirmed
Mazzeo, Ivan Italy Confirmed
McGinnis, Brian USA Confirmed
McHenry, Ronald USA Confirmed
Mendelblatt, David USA Confirmed
Mockridge, Kenneth USA Confirmed
Saurage, Hank USA Confirmed
Sesack, William USA Confirmed
Steele, Rita USA Confirmed
Teixidor, Marco Puerto Rico Confirmed
Terrell, Coleman USA Confirmed
Walker, Glenn USA Confirmed
Welles, Paul USA Confirmed
Willard, Martin USA Confirmed
Zimmermann, Alex Peru Confirmed
**WAITLISTED ENTRIES, Processed in the order they were received (Top to bottom)
1) Remmer, Kathleen USA Waitlisted "At Large"
2) Deale, William USA Waitlisted "At Large"
3) Koehler, Marguerite USA Waitlisted "At Large"
4) Evans, Mark USA Waitlisted "At Large"
5) Fragakis, John USA Waitlisted "At Large"
6) Clinton-Genovese, Elizabeth USA Waitlisted "At Large"
7) Griffin, Gregory USA Waitlisted "At Large"
8) Suter, Larry USA Waitlisted "At Large"
9) Oetgen, Eric USA Waitlisted "At Large"
10) Dean, Alex USA Waitlisted "At Large"
11) Blouin, Conner USA Waitlisted "At Large"
12) Williams, Chris USA Waitlisted "At Large"
13) Bates, Andrew USA Waitlisted "At Large"
14) Evans, Ricky USA Waitlisted "At Large"