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SUBJECT: ISCA Windward Leg March 2023

March 2023

Vicki Palmer, Windward Leg Editor

  • David Loring Wins International Masters Championship
  • US Nationals at Midwinters / PanAm Games Qualifier, Jean Paul de Trazegnies Overall Winner
  • Sunfish Youth North Americans
  • Welcome, El Salvador, Newest ISCA Member
  • 2023 Sunfish North Americans /  PanAm Qualifier 
  • ISCA Central, South American, Caribbean PanAm Qualifier
  • Around Harker’s Island
  • 2023 Women’s Sunfish North Americans
  • Midwest Regional Race Results
  • Observations by Bill Brangiforte from the 2019 Women’s NAs
  • 2023 Texas Sunfish Circuit
  • The Annual World’s Longest Sunfish Race, Around Shelter Island, NY Its History, by Joe Sullivan
Windward Leg - Spanish Version

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Pensacola Yacht Club | March 26-28

     The 2023 Sunfish International Masters Championship was sailed in pre-frontal moist conditions.  Sunday had fog, clouds, temperatures around 72, and wind W 8-14. There were four general recalls before the first race was successfully started. With the anticipated bad weather, the Race Committee opted to add a fifth race as permitted in the Sailing Instructions.  Monday opened with thicker fog which prompted a 45-minute shore postponement.  It was cloudy, temperatures around 70, with wind again W 8-15. As the day wore on the fog lifted noticeably. Again, the Race Committee opted to add a fifth race.  

      On Tuesday, sailors were greeted by the most dense fog yet, visibility of perhaps 1/16th of a mile with almost no wind. There was a shore postponement. Sailors and Race Committee were checking weather radar as the expected cold front was approaching. By 11:00 am there was distant thunder though the fog had lifted a little. Radar returns were rapidly growing and darkening from yellow to deep red rapidly. With a mid-afternoon start cutoff, it became apparent that the storm would prevent any racing and Code Flags N over A were hoisted with three horns to close the regatta. Sunfish Masters Regattas are five regattas in one; each age group Champion is celebrated!  

      The Senior Master Champion (80+) was George Sechrist.  The Great Grand Master Champion was Lawrence Suter (70-79). The Grand Master Champion was Hank Saurage (60-69). The Master Champion was Chris Carroll (50-59). The Apprentice Master Champion (40-49) was David Loring who also won the regatta overall.  Loring also claimed a berth to the 2024 Sunfish World Championship in Dallas, Texas, though as a past World Champion he has a standing berth.  

      Facilities at Pensacola were well suited to the event. There is a large beach area with a mat-covered ramp to aid with dolly-launching small boats. The Pensacola Yacht Club, with help from many of their members, ran an outstanding event! The food was terrific, hot breakfast every day and the lasagna dinner was very tasty. Sandwich fixings included meats and cheeses, lettuce and other add-ons and a variety of condiments. The only disappointment was losing a day of racing to the weather, but that just can’t be controlled! —Gail Turluck

For full Race Results, go to:  SUNFISH INTERNATIONAL MASTERS 2023 - Series Standing (

International Masters Award Winners (L-R) Willo Cappelleti, Hal Gilreath, Chris Carroll, Dominic Simonetti, David Loring, Hank Saurage, Bob Findlay, Gail Murphy-Heausler, George Sechrist, Rich Chapman

Top 10 Winners

1st – David Loring, Charleston Community Sailing
2nd – Chris Carroll, Sarasota Sailing Squadron
3rd – Hank Saurage, Pontchartrain Yacht Club
4th – Rich Chapman, Lake Bluff Yacht Club
5th – Willo Cappelleti, ISCA President / PERU
6th - Dominic Simonetti, Sarasota Sailing Squadron
7th – Hal Gilreath, Florida Yacht Club
8th – Gail Murphy-Heausler, Davis Island Yacht Club
9th – Bob Findlay, Wilmette Sailing Association & Sarasota Sailing Squadron
10th – Larry Suter, Coconut Grove Sailing Club

Top 1st Place Winners in Each Age Division

Senior Master (80+) 

   1st -- George Sechrist, Blackbeard Sailing  Club

Great Grand Master (70-79) 

   1st -- Larry Suter, Coconut Grove Sailing Club

Grand Master (60-69)

    1st -- Hank Saurage, Pontchartrain Yacht Club

Master (50-59) 
   1st -- Chris Carroll, Sarasota Sailing Squadron

Apprentice Master (40-49) – 
   1st -- David Loring, Charleston Community Sailing

Grand Lagoon Members at International Masters

Grand Lagoon International Masters Competitors

(L to R) – Kevin Marshall, James Heinold (82 yrs old!), Mark Heinhold, Peter Buckley

   Great group of locals from the Grand Lagoon Sailing Club participated in this year's International Masters event. They participated in their club boats, joined the class and did some practicing in anticipation for the event. Sailors - Kevin Marshall, James Heinold (82 yrs old!), Mark Heinold, and Peter Buckley proudly represented their club. 

     Thanks to these sailors,  one of them chartered a boat to an international sailor for the Midwinters event.  They reported they had a great time and, while no spectacular finishes in this group, they all were proud to finish where they did! 

     Thanks to the Grand Lagoon Sailing Club for representing Pensacola!

Team Menemsha Pond @ PYC
Charlie Shipway with Syndey, Dan and Nick Karnovsky

CONGRATULATIONS to Sydney Karnovsky who was one of the three top US female finishers to qualify for the US PanAm  Trials at the Sayville Yacht Club in Bluepoint, NY.

     Recap by Dan Karnovsky: The Menemsha Pond Racing crew in the photo are, from left to right, Charlie Shipway, my daughter Sydney Karnovsky, me, and my son Nick. Charlie brought his boat and Syd’s to Pensacola for us. He and I sailed in the Masters (I used Syd’s boat). He stayed and raced midwinters too. Kira Munger found (and brought) a boat for Nick, so both kids came down and sailed midwinters along with Charlie, while I watched the results from Boston. 
      As you may have seen, Syd qualified for the Pan Am trials, and Nick finished 25th overall (13th American, I believe). 
We had a great time - the facilities and hospitality at the club were amazing, and the little trip Charlie and I took to Mobile was a lot of fun. How often do you get to touch a B-52?!? Dan

Battleship Memorial Park – Mobile, Alabama
2023 Sunfish Nationals at Midwinters / PanAm Games Qualifier Trials

Pensacola Yacht Club, Pensacola, FL – March 29-April 1, 2023

Jean Paul de Trazegnies Sails Away with Another 1st Place Trophy …  You continue to amaze us, Jean Paul!

A Collaborative Recap by Chris Carroll, Mary Ellen Brown, Mike Ingham and Dom Simonetti

     Team Sarasota (Sunfish fleet 154) traveled north to Pensacola Yacht Club (PYC) to race in the US Midwinters at Nationals this past week. We all had a blast. PYC did a great job of organizing and managing the event. Onshore, the registration process was smooth, the food was plentiful and the Bushwackers were epic! Having warm breakfasts and coffee with our friends every morning was a wonderful way to start our day.
      On the water, our PRO Hal Smith (part time meteorologist) and his team did a terrific job. Most mornings we woke up to significant fog. The joke of the week was Hal telling us, "This is so weird, there is never this amount of fog in Pensacola". It was so foggy that we had multiple postponements and one race was abandoned because we couldn't locate the weather mark.  Those of us from Sarasota believe that Pensacola and fog are synonymous. And then out of the fog what appears?  "American Magic" blasting all around us at 30+ knots. It was very cool to watch this new AC40!
      Racing was fierce over the three days with a variety of wind and wave conditions. The competition was tight and intense with a highly skilled fleet. Sarasota Bay has chop but Pensacola Bay wins the chop competition. Going fast in the chop was a big challenge for everyone. Holy washing machine! 
      The judges certainly were not whistle shy as plenty of on the water penalties were assessed both upwind and downwind. It was great to have nine countries competing for three Pan Am spots. This is truly a testament that the Sunfish Class is alive and well!  Congratulations to Peru, USA and Canada for securing country spots for the men and to Peru, USA and Ecuador for the women!

For complete Race Results, go to: SUNFISH NATIONAL AT MIDWINTERS 2023 - Series Standing (   

(Editor’s Note: A mere THANK YOU doesn’t express the proper gratitude for everyone who made this event such a success. The Pensacola Yacht Club and volunteers were hard at work for this double event regatta, the International Masters and the Midwinters, months before the event to make sure things went smoothly. Their great planning, welcoming gestures and positive attitude shared each day was so appreciated. Not to forget … the Race Committee and Judges who volunteered their time and expertise to help direct the completion of so many races in so many days in challenging wind and weather conditions. Thank you! That’s a special commitment that benefited so many. We hope everyone enjoyed their experience as much as all the Sunfish competitors and their guests did. A HUGE Thank You to Everyone for sharing your time, energy and passion for sailing with Sunfish competitors who are the heart and soul of our Sunfish Class. Champions, all!)

(L to R) … Luke Ramsay (CAN), Dan Hesse (USA), Eduardo Cordero (USA), David Loring (USA), Paul-Jean de Trazegnies (PER), David Hernandez (GUA), Lee Parkhill (CAN), Conner Blouin (USA), Marco Teixidor (PUR). Not available for photo: Jonathan Martinetti (ECU)

PanAm Qualifying Results

Country Qualifier Results: 

Male: PER, USA & CAN (8 countries and 48 competitors)

Female: PER, USA and VEN (5 countries and 16 competitors)

Total was 9 countries and 64 competitors in the fleet overall.

USSCA Sailor qualification 

Eduardo Cordero, #1 US male finisher

Caroline Young, #1 US female finisher

These sailors qualified the USA as a country to participate in the 2023 Pan American Games from October 20th to November 5th, 2023!

USSCA Pan Am Trials

    USSCA Pan Am Games Trials Regatta will be sailed at Sayville Yacht Club, NY, July 7-9, 2023 to select one sailor (male and female) to fill the berth. US Trial provisions, qualified competitors must intend to compete in October 2023 at the Pan American Games if they win the US Trials. All participants must have a passport that does not expire before May 4, 2024. 

     More details will be emailed this week to all qualified Trails sailors and USSCA Members about the Resume Process. Stay tuned! 

USSCA Youth Sailing Programs

Need help promoting Sunfish Youth sailing at your Club? 

Click below for PDF flyers you can print and post: 

Flyer 2 - Something is missing.pdf

Flyer 3 - Youth Program Pics.pdf

Sunfish Youth Scholarships Available

Sunfish Youth Scholarships are available! Applications click below or questions contact

Click Here - Youth Scholarship Application

Lake Norman Yacht Club – Mooresville, NC

September 23-24, 2023

 We’ve got some Sunfish youth action happening in September! The Lake Norman Yacht Club is hosting their annual Board Bash regatta for many different dinghy classes. Our favorite dinghy, the Sunfish! will feature our youth sailors (must be 18 years of age or younger) who want to participate in the Sunfish Youth North Americans. More details will be coming soon – registration fee, start times, practice races on Sept. 22, available boats, available lodging, meals provided, and more! 

Another HUGE Youth Sailing Opportunity The Sunfish North American Championship at Island Bay Yacht Club, Springfield, Illinois -- June 8-11, 2023

Registration and NORs

  • Top Youth Trophy to be awarded (youth shall not turn age 19 in 2023 to qualify as youth),
  • Compete with sailors from all over the world,
  • Take time out to tour some historic sites: Lincoln’s Tomb, Lincoln’s New Salem, Lincoln Home Visitor Center, Old State Capitol, Henson Robinson Zoo, and so much more,
  • A great family vacation adventure as well as a terrific sailing venue. Combine the two!
  • Sunfish Youth Scholarships are available! Sunfish Class Association - Youth Scholarship Application
ISCA Welcomes Our Newest ISCA Country Member – El Salvador

     After attending the World Sailing Training Scholarship program in Weymouth, England, El Salvador became ISCA’s newest members. And we’re excited!

      Rodrigo Colorado, President of the El Salvador Sailing Federation, commented, “The World Sailing Training Scholarship has given me all the insights I needed to know to develop and direct our National Sailing Federation. The process and methods showed throughout the course was well thought out, clear and helpful."

      El Salvador attendees participated in this program with other sailors from Barbados, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Peru and Slovakia. Each candidate was able to work on a project that they will implement in their MNA (Member National Authority) to further develop sailing when they return home.

  The projects they all worked on included: 

  • Developing coach mentoring programs and continuous professional development schemes
  • Running structured coach and instructor courses
  • Standardizing training schemes across a federation
  • Expanding recreational sailing opportunities
  • Expanding co-operation between sailing clubs

     With lots of training at the World Sailing Training Scholarship program and on-the-water experience, our newest members are ready to challenge us on the race course!

***** WELCOME, El Salvador *****

60th Sunfish North Americans

From Chairperson, Nancy Peterson … An open invitation to all North American Sunfish sailors to the 60th Sunfish North Americans being held June 8-11, 2023 hosted by Island Bay Yacht Club in Springfield, Illinois.  For those of you who sailed at Island Bay for the 1979 and 1993 North Americans you know that we can put on a great regatta.  If you haven't sailed a regatta at Island Bay Yacht Club what are you waiting for? It's a great inland lake with great breezes to make it fun and competitive for all.  The Notice of Race and the registration is open on 2023 NAs Registration. Don't miss your chance to sail in Mr. Lincoln's hometown.

2023 Sunfish North American Championship – The 60th 
 2023 Sunfish USA Men and Women Pan American Trials Qualifier 
 2023 US Sailing Singlehanded Championships 

United States Sunfish Class Association, US Sailing, Island Bay Yacht Club 

 Island Bay Yacht Club Springfield, IL 
 June 8-11, 2023 (Race Days: June 9-11)


Early entry fee until 2359 hours CDT May 15, 2023

Standard Entry Fee until 1600 hours CDT May 31, 2023

No on-site entries shall be permitted. 

Click Here - 2023 NAs NOR & Registration
Ahoy, Adventurous Sailors…

A major Sunfish North American Championship at the island Bay Yacht Club in Springfield, Illinois on June 8-11, 2023 will have something for everyone. 

  • Competitive challengers from all over the world.
  • PanAm Trial qualifying competition to determine the #1 male winner and #1 female winner who will compete at the PanAm Final Qualifying event at Sayville Yacht Club in Sayville, NY July 7-9, 2023. The #1 Male and #1 Female winners at the Sayville YC event will be the USA representatives at the PanAm Games in Santiago, Chile, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2023
  • A well-known North Americans sailing venue that author, Nat Philbrick, in his book Second Wind, describes his fun evening touring Springfield with Sunfish competitors Lee Parks, Pat Manning and Vicki Palmer (then Vicki Bremer).
  • Hmmmmm … didn’t we have dancing on the patio at this last NAs in Springfield? This was definitely a fun event from start to finish!
  • The many historical and interesting sites to tour while in Springfield – Lincoln’s Tomb, Lincoln Home Visitor Center where Lincoln lived from 1844-1861 before becoming our 16th President of the United States, Lincoln’s New Salem, a reconstruction of the former New Salem village where Lincoln lived from 1831-1837, the Henson Robinson Zoo and so much more.
  • A very nice family vacation venue as well as a great sailing venue.
  • Nearby hotel group rates arranged by the Event Committee. 
  • Contact Kira Munger for charter boat availability: (585) 260-3913.
  • Registration and NORs available at the link below:

2023 Sunfish North American Championship on Yacht Scoring 

ISCA Central, South American and Caribbean Championship

Qualifier for 2023 Pan Am Games hosted by the Peruvian Sunfish Association and the Club de Regattas Lima, PER April 26-29, 2023

NOR English   posted March 14, 2023

NOR Espanol   posted March 14, 2023

Adviso Modificatorio N1 posted March 14, 2023

Adviso Modificatorio N2 posted March 14, 2023

Adviso Modificatorio N3 posted March 14, 2023

For English language explanation of Country Qualification Protocol click HERE 

Pan American Games Sailing Information HERE

ISCA/USSCA Class Administrator

Here for your Class Membership Questions and Support

  • Sail Numbers registration and updating.
  • Website management
  • USSCA Leadership Support
  • Support the Regional Representatives
  • Administrative support for meetings
  • ISCA membership and support
  • ISCA Leadership support

Martine Zurinskas, Class Administrator or (404)451-7743

Around Harkers Island 22nd Annual Sunfish Race

Carteret County, North Carolina

July 15, 2023

     This is a 501c(3) tax deductible event for all participants. All proceeds go to support local Sailing Schools.  On Friday 14th is your chance to practice the course around the Island. 

     Click on the link below for more information about the event. The Notice of Race is also located at this link. 22nd Sailing Race Around Harkers Island, NC : Palmico Coastal Activities Council (PCAC) (


Saturday, August 19 & Sunday, August 20, 2023

Lewes Yacht Club -- 2701 Cedar St. Lewes DE 19958

 NORs:  Microsoft Word - NOR-SFWNA2023 (1.4).docx (


Always the best event ever! Bring your swimsuits. Water aerobics starts every morning before the races!

2023 HYC Midwinter Regatta - Race Results

The Houston Yacht Club | February 24-26, 2023

Observations by Bill Brangiforte from the 2019 Women’s NAs

(Bill volunteered to teach a Women’s Clinic at the 2019 Women’s North Americans in Niantic, CT. We’ve been reporting his observations to you in each Windward Leg issue with the hope you’ll find his observations and sailing tips helpful. Find an experienced Sunfish sailor at your Club to help explain/demonstrate any of Bill’s latest tips if you need to understand them better or want to practice them. Knowing how to surf over the waves at the fastest speed possible could help move you up a few places in the standings! We’ve worked our way up to Observation #’s 4-7 – on paper, not surfing a wave!)

4. As predicted, the breeze came on strong on Sunday and everyone used some way of depowering the rig. One of the ideas we talked about was the double Jens/small reef trick. Those who used it were pleased.  Gretchen Seymour said there were times when she had very little helm, even in the big breeze. I think anyone who is fairly light would do well trying this setup.

 5. Gail Heausler, Marguerite Koehler-Kreuzkamp and Lyndsay Kresic had solid upwind speed and it was fun to watch. They all had different techniques but still ended up close together at the weather marks.

 6. Downwind was another story! While Gail and Marguerite had some moments, everyone was missing great opportunities in the big waves. I was joking that after sailing we should all go out and practice our wave technique, since we don’t get good waves that often. While we could all use a clinic on our surfing, everyone should practice their upturns and downturns to prepare themselves for surfing nice waves like those on Niantic Bay.

7. Someone who had great wave technique upwind was Marta Chlus. It was a joy watching her sail through the waves. While everyone else pounded the boats through the waves, Marta was so silent that she kept sneaking up on us in the crash boat. She would head up when meeting the wave, then bear off at the crest. This keeps the full hull “stuck” to the water instead of pounding. I talked to her afterwards about depowering with the sheet and using her upper body to help get the boat through the waves. With these small improvements, she will have world class speed in waves.

Sunfish Southwest Region Regattas 2023

Scott Shirley, Southwest (CO, KS, NE, NM, OK, TX) Regional Rep – -- invites y’all to come Sail Texas!

April 29-30

Texas Sunfish Circuit Stop #1 Spring Dingyfest

Rush Creek Yacht Club, Heath, Texas

June 3-4  

Texas Sunfish Circuit Stop #2 LWSC Sunfish Regatta

Lake Worth Sailing Club, Fort Worth, Texas

June 17-18


Texas Sunfish Circuit Stop #3  Summer Solstice Regatta

Southwest Regional Championship #1  WQ

Seabrook Sailing Club, Seabrook, Texas

Sept 9-10 

Texas Sunfish Circuit Stop #4  Goatman Regatta

Lake Worth Sailing Club, Fort Worth, Texas

Sept 23-24 

Texas Sunfish Circuit Stop #5  AYC Centerboard Regatta

Austin Yacht Club, Austin, Texas

Sept 30-Oct 1

Texas Sunfish Circuit Stop #6  Fall Dingyfest

Southwest Regional Championship # 2  WQ

Rush Creek Yacht Club, Heath, Texas

Nov 4-5


Texas Sunfish Circuit Stop #7  Wurstfest Regatta

Lake Canyon Yacht Club, Canyon Lake, Texas


Southold Yacht Club will host the 52nd Annual World’s Longest Sunfish Race Around Shelter Island, NY on Saturday, July 15, 2023. Registration is now open and is limited to 52 boats. Contact Beth Fleisher at with any questions.

Don't miss out on this fun and unique event. Register today: Around Shelter Island Regatta — Southold Yacht Club.


By Joe Sullivan (“This summer, God willing, I shall participate in this fantastic competition for the 50th time.”) 

 Editor’s Note: Joe is a long-time, most valued and appreciated, member of the Sunfish Class. In addition to Joe’s passion for Sunfish sailing and helping those who share his passion, Joe also pens the most interesting stories. The historical account for this event is an adventure that will inform and entertain you! 


 PART I  More about Joe Sullivan

      After completing my first circumnavigation in Race #1 in 1971, however, I did not feel that it was fantastic. In fact, compared with “Round-the-buoys” racing, I thought that it was just the opposite, and at the awards ceremony following The Race, I suggested otherwise, but I’m getting ahead of myself, so permit me to start at the beginning. 

     Barbara and I had been married four years when we moved into our new summer home in Southold, on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island, NY in 1967 with our two sons, Joe and Sean, who turned three and two years old respectively, that summer. Growing up, I had never had a Sailing lesson but in May 1955 as a freshman at Fordham University, three of my classmates and I were recruited to join the Sailing Team, and prior to marrying Barbara nearly

60 years ago, it was the best decision I ever made! Thus, in 1968, we purchased a Sunfish and in 1969, joined Southold Yacht Club. 

     One sunny afternoon, during the summer of 1970, I was sitting on the screened-in porch of the clubhouse, overlooking Southold Bay and Shelter Island in the distance with Joe Potorski, one of the SYC Flag Officers, and we were discussing possible events, which might generate positive publicity for SYC and its Sunfish Fleet #307. I asked Joe if anyone had ever sailed a Sunfish around Shelter Island? Joe didn’t know but we both agreed that such a long-distance race would certainly be unique and promote Southold Yacht Club and the Sunfish Class among Long Islanders and perhaps the broader Sunfish racing community.  Later that fall, the SYC Board of Governors agreed and a Sunfish Race Around Shelter Island was approved for the summer of 1971.

     In preparing for the long-distance Race, there was general agreement, that the ultimate sailing distance, including all tacking, would be the equivalent of a nautical marathon or approximately 25-26 miles. Organizers were concerned about safety so a minimum age of 18 years by December 31 was established. We recognized that that decision excluded some very good younger teenagers from participating but the decision was based upon maturity and judgment, and we opted to go with age and experience vis-a-vis youth and inexperience. The Race was promoted extensively, and Southold Yacht Club was pleasantly surprised to attract a fleet of approximately 25 boats for the inaugural “World’s Longest Sunfish Race, Around Shelter Island, NY,” which SYC hosted on August 8, 1971. 

     The entry fee was modest, and participants received chilled bottles of water and power bars to take with them while racing. In selecting the date for the inaugural Race, however, organizers, including yours truly, misread the tide charts and instead of the tide going out at the Start, it was coming in. To make matters worse, it was very hot and light airs were the order of the day. The Race was sailed counter-clockwise and at the Six-hour time limit, the leader, Don Trueman, representing the Nyack Boat Club on the Hudson River, had reached the children’s summer camp located on the northwest shore of Shelter Island just before entering Southold Bay. As the rules had established, at Six hours, the Race Committee laid out a finish line ahead of the lead boats and after the first 10 finishers had crossed it, the Race was declared “Over” and remaining boats were scored DNF and offered a tow back to the SYC beach.    

     At the Awards Ceremony inside SYC, I, who had raced and finished second, but found the experience less than ideal, apologized to the two-dozen participants for “This goofy Idea,” only to realize immediately, that I represented a minority of ONE!  I was greeted by a mini revolution as the sailors shouted, “No way!” and “This was Fun!” And “Let’s come back next week to finish The Race!” Joe Potorski, who had not raced, was standing with a huge smile on his face and grinning from ear-to-ear!

     Later, after our guest sailors had departed, Potorski and I concluded that Sunfish sailors were truly crazy but the club had created something special. In short order, the Board of Governors agreed and opted to make “The World’s Longest Sunfish Race Around Shelter Island, NY” an Annual Event.”

PART II will be continued in the April 2023 Windward Leg. 

For the full story, go to Sunfish Class Association - Joe Sullivan Article March 2023  

World Qualifier Events 2023
2023 Calendar Submissions

The 2023 calendar of events is ready to be loaded. Please email your regional events to your Regional Representative or the Scheduling Coordinator Full calendar of events can be found at the 2023 Schedule

Upcoming ISCA/USSCA Events (next 30 days)
Saturday, April 22
2023 Sarasota Sailing Squadron Winter Racing (O) Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL
2023 Arizona Yacht Club Cactus Regatta Distance Race (O) Arizona YC, AZ
Sunday, April 23
2023 Sunfish Fleet 749 Spring Series (O) Arizona YC, AZ
2023 Barrington Spring Frostbite Series (O) Barrington Yacht Club RI
2023 FHYC Sunfish Series (O) Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club
Wednesday, April 26
2023 ISCA Central, South American & Carribean Championships (O) Peru
2023 Hunterdon Sailing Club Spring Twilight Series (O) Spruce Run Reservoir, Clinton NJ
Thursday, April 27
2023 ISCA Central, South American & Carribean Championships (O) Peru
Friday, April 28
2023 ISCA Central, South American & Carribean Championships (O) Peru
Saturday, April 29
2023 ISCA Central, South American & Carribean Championships (O) Peru
2023 ASC Spring Dinghy Series (O) Augusta Sailing Club
Rush Creek Spring DinghyFest (O) Rush Creek YC, TX
Sunday, April 30
Rush Creek Spring DinghyFest (O) Rush Creek YC, TX
2023 Sunfish Fleet 749 Spring Series (O) Arizona YC, AZ
2023 Connetquot River Dinghy Club Winter Season Series (O)
2023 FHYC Sunfish Series (O) Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club
Wednesday, May 3
2023 Hunterdon Sailing Club Spring Twilight Series (O) Spruce Run Reservoir, Clinton NJ
Friday, May 5
2023 Keowee Cup (O) Keowee Sailing Club Seneca, SC
Saturday, May 6
2023 Keowee Cup (O) Keowee Sailing Club Seneca, SC
2023 Cinco de Mayo (O) Neuse Yacht Racing Association, NC
2023 Founders' Day Regatta/Midwest Region Championship I (WQ) Hueston Sailing Association
2023 Mission Bay Fleet No. 632 Summer Season (O) Sunfish San Diego Club, CA
2023 Shrewsbury Annual Spring Regatta (O) Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club, Oceanport, NJ
2023 SANJL Spruce Run (O) Hunterdon Sailing Club, Clinton New Jersey
Sunday, May 7
2023 Keowee Cup (O) Keowee Sailing Club Seneca, SC
2023 Cinco de Mayo (O) Neuse Yacht Racing Association, NC
2023 Founders' Day Regatta/Midwest Region Championship I (WQ) Hueston Sailing Association
2023 FHYC Sunfish Series (O) Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club
2023 Greater Detroit Season Series (O) Greater Detroit Sunfish Club
2023 Michigan Sailing Club Spring Regatta (O) Michigan Sailing Club
Wednesday, May 10
2023 Hunterdon Sailing Club Spring Twilight Series (O) Spruce Run Reservoir, Clinton NJ
7:00p USSCA Board Meeting
Saturday, May 13
2023 ASC Spring Dinghy Series (O) Augusta Sailing Club
2023 Icebreaker Regatta (O) Langtoft Cove Yacht Club IL
2023 Deer Lake Spring Kick-Off (O) Deer Lake Club, Boonton, NJ
Sunday, May 14
2023 FHYC Sunfish Series (O) Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club
Wednesday, May 17
2023 Gull Lake Season Series (O) Gull Lake Sailing Club
2023 Hunterdon Sailing Club Spring Twilight Series (O) Spruce Run Reservoir, Clinton NJ
7:00p ISCA Executive Board Meetings

For publication in the Windward Leg, submit articles and photos to 

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