2023 Sunfish North American Championships (WQ) - Island Bay YC (IL)

2023 Sunfish North American Championship - The 60th
2023 USA Men and Women Pan American Games Trials Qualifier
2023 US Sailing Singlehanded Championships
United States Sunfish Class Association, US Sailing and Island Bay Yacht Club

Event Date(s):  June 8-11 (race days 9-11)
Host:   Island Bay Yacht Club,  
Yacht Club Drive, Springfield, IL
Contact:       Nancy Peterson       nkp2539@hotmail.com     217.572.2456

Full service yacht club, multiple ramps, limited free camping, limited member housing. 

For USA Men and USA Women Pan American Games Competitor Qualifier only:
Participation optional, indicate on entry by check box if participating.
Link for requirements to come.

For US Sailing Singlehanded Championships only: Participation optional, indicate on entry by check box if participating. Must be 17 years of age in the calendar year of competition; must be current members of US Sailing; all competitors that are US citizens shall be members of US Sailing, non-resident non-citizens shall either be members of US Sailing or members of their World Sailing recognized MNA.

Event Type:     World Championship Qualifying Event;
Sunfish Class Membership Required
76 Yacht Club Road, Springfield, IL 62712
Thursday, June 8, 2023