The Sunfish Bible

Three books in one:

  1. THE SUNFISH BOOK (1996) by Will White
  2. SUCCESSFUL SUNFISH RACING (1984) by Derrick Fries
  3. SAIL IT FLAT (1971) by Larry Lewis

The major Sunfish articles since 1965 from Sailing World, Yacht Racing/Cruising, One Design Yachtsman, Motor Boating & Sailing, and SAIL.

Everything you wanted to know about Sunfish… 

sailing them, sailing them well, sailing them fast, racing them, cruising them, rowing them, and having fun!

The Sunfish Book includes the original interviews with many champions: Mike Catalano, Dave Chapin, Derrick Fries, Joel Furman, Paul Odegaard, Nat Philbrick, Cor van Aanholt and new ones with Don and Jean Bergman, Eduardo Cordero, Jeff Linton, Donnie Martinborough, and Malcolm Smith.

Includes articles by John Burnham, Larry Cochran, Major Hall, Gary Jobson, Bob Johnstone, Scott Kyle, Tom Linskey, Bob Smith, Brian Weeks and more.

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