Sunfish Youth Scholarship 

How can being part of a sailing program benefit today’s youth?

What involves a heavy dose of “fun” and healthy social interaction includes learning many of the character traits that help define a successful adult. And to think the youth can develop some of these characteristics outside the classroom while sailing, launching from a beach, laughing with the competitors on either side, sitting on a start line waiting for the final “GO” horn, and perhaps even helping a competitor with a rigging tip. A simple but amazing concept is at work, a concept the Sunfish Class wants to promote, engage in and play a role in helping develop tomorrow’s champion starting with today’s youth.


What characteristics are we talking about?

Leadership Social Skills Responsibility Goal Setting
Cooperation Decision Making Courage Never-give-up spirit
Team Building Following Rules Water Safety Integrity
Honesty Fairness Trustworthiness Self-Awareness
Incentive to do one's best Calm under pressure Cultural respect.  


Why Donate?


To help grow our Sunfish Class while also benefiting youth sailors, the Sunfish Class Association is offering youth scholarships. Because promoting Youth sailing requires a 24-7 mindset, we will continue to share ideas about what our members can do to help. Look in every future Windward Leg newsletter for suggestions and to hear from members who have accomplished a successful effort. You’ll note we’re starting with the opportunity to contribute to this worthy program so that future youth sailors can benefit.  On our website you’ll find a Scholarship Application that must be completed and submitted so that the Scholarship Committee – Vicki Palmer, Lee Parks, Sonya Dean, Lyndsay Kresic – can review and respond as quickly as possible. The success for the future of our Class and helping empower youth to prepare them for adulthood, at the same time, is dependent on our every effort, our every dollar. Contact Committee: