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BREAKING NEWS April 24, 2023

3/11/2023 3:46 pm

2023 Sunfish Worlds in Ecuador Cancelled
New Venue Being Explored April 24, 2023


Unfortunately, the 2023 Sunfish World Championship scheduled for September 6-17 in Salinas, Ecuador, has been cancelled. This includes the open, Masters, Youth, and first Women’s Worlds.

Laser Performance had agreed to provide boats for the Worlds, but then decided not to.  Despite the diligent efforts of the team in Ecuador and ISCA’s leadership, it was not possible to get enough boats to Ecuador to run the Worlds this year. 


We are particularly disappointed given that Ecuador has put so much effort into hosting their first Sunfish World Championship. Sometime in the future, however, we hope to reschedule a Worlds in Ecuador, a perfect venue with an exceptional event planning team for hosting a major Sunfish event.

We are so grateful to the Salinas Yacht Club for their hard work and especially for their understanding that Laser Performance’s decision not to support this important championship was beyond any of our control.


ISCA has been exploring venues to host the 2023 Worlds in the US. We hope to announce a new venue and date in the next few weeks.  Right now, the date looks like early December. The boats will likely be a combination of charters offered by one or more dealers and competitor-supplied boats for USA competitors.  Due to the short timeframe, we will only be holding the Open Worlds.


This is not the first time LP hasn’t provided boats. The last two times, in 2012 and 2013, we were able to hold our World Championship in the US where both events were well-attended and very successful championships. 


Regarding the 2024 Worlds planned Rush Creek YC in Dallas, TX USA, we expect to be able to hold that event with or without Laser Performance’s participation due to the existing boat supply in the US.

We will keep you updated regarding Worlds plans for 2023, and we apologize for this, but Laser Performance’s decisions are beyond our control.

Willo Cappelleti, ISCA President
Sunfish Class Office