March 28, 2024 (updated March 29, 2024)



To:        USSCA Members



Re:       United States Sunfish Class Association Bylaws 2024



The Board of Directors is pleased to present to the membership a proposed draft of the 2024 Bylaws. The Bylaws had not been updated since 2004 and the primary objective is to modernize them. Please use the QR code below to access the Proposed Bylaws 2024 posted on March 28, 2024. Current USSCA members, please cast your vote by mailing in your ballot to the Class Administrator no later than May 27, 2024.


The Board thanks the task force that worked diligently for the last 6 months to bring this important update to our class membership for approval.



Please click here for the DRAFT PDF of 2024 BYLAWS 


Please click here for the REDLINE VERSION (Changes shown do not include formatting, spelling, or paragraphs moved to enhance readability).


Summary: Most changes are to incorporate changes to technology since the last version published in 2004. For example: the current bylaws do not allow for electronic voting for bylaw changes. This new version allows for electronic voting. Some changes have been made to reduce redundancy; some to reflect changes in committee names at ISCA. There are enhancements to the duties of the Treasurer and the ex-officio President is now an ad-hoc voting member (this is the immediate past President). The membership coordinator position has been eliminated as this position was to manage new memberships and renewals by paper and manual tracking. This has been replaced by electronic membership registration. Member numbers are assigned by the Sunfish Class Office. Overall, the changes reflect the need to bring the bylaws up to date with current practice and technology.


Please click here for the MAIL IN BALLOT PDF of USSCA BYLAWS 2024



If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary, Mary Ellen Ingham at, Susan Mallows at or the Class Administrator, Martine Zurinskas or 404-451-7743.



The USSCA Board of Directors appreciates your support and continued membership to the US Sunfish Class Association.



USSCA Class Administrator