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BREAKING NEWS March 10, 2023

3/11/2023 3:46 pm

New ISCA Sails, Spars and Masts?
Rule Changes from World Sailing (March 10, 2023)


World Sailing has approved emergency rule changes that permit ISCA to arrange for North racing sails along with Selden mast, upper and lower spars to be purchased directly from ISCA-designated dealers. These parts are additional legal parts to the parts supplied by LP.
     These parts are specifically legal for all 2023 world-qualifying events, Pan Am qualifying events and trials, the European Championship, Pan Am Games and the World Championships. However, for the World Championships, we expect Laser Performance (LP) to supply charter boats and parts as they have done in the past.
     We will be working with World Sailing and LP throughout the year to have these and other parts permanently available. Most importantly, any of these parts purchased now will be legal forever.
     Race Sails: The North race sail is still the standard racing cut sail developed by Hans Fogh in 1986. The Class has used this sail since 1990 and, until recently, it has been available from LP. These sails have an ISCA logo on the sail instead of the Sunfish logo. Please note that we are still ISCA. The Class name is not changing.

     All the spars and masts are from Selden. They are the same mast and spars that LP was using up until 2021. The lower spars will be sold with Racelite blocks.
     World Sailing was able to expedite this emergency rule change because these parts are the same parts that were previously provided with Class legal Sunfish sailboats. This made it much easier for the Class to get an emergency approval for these parts. Currently, these are the only parts that we included in the emergency rule change.
     World Sailing is placing the Class under review this year and is requiring the Class to sign a new World Sailing agreement before year-end. This is something the Class has been trying to update since 2016.
     North Sails and Selden will only be distributing these parts through Class-designated dealers. Please do not contact North Sails or Selden directly. To purchase sails, masts and spars, you can get a list of ISCA-designated dealers by contacting the Sunfish Class office at or (404) 451-7743.