2023 Sarasota Sunshine Sunfish Clinic & Florida Sunfish Regional Championship (WQ) Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL




Sarasota Sunshine Sunfish Clinic & Florida Sunfish Regional Championship (WQ) Sarasota Sailing Squadron (SSS)

Details: Regatta Website (NOR documents, schedule and registration)
Host: Sarasota Sailing Squadron
1717 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, FL 34236
Contact: Mary Ellen Brown   meib2018@gmail.com   703-408-7298

Sarasota Sunshine Clinic and Regatta February 10-12, 2023


Sarasota Fleet 154 is excited to announce the Sunshine Clinic and Regatta located at Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  On Friday, February 10th, Mike Ingham will run a one-day sunfish clinic.  All Clinic attendees should have some racing experience and the ability and stamina to race a weekend regatta.

Saturday February 11th and Sunday February 12th will feature sunfish racing inside the beautiful Sarasota Bay. This is our flagship yearly event with a large contingent coming from out of town.  We have a nice combination of training and then racing, with a dinner Saturday night. We take pride in hosting this and we have fun organizing and participating in the event.  


Mary Ellen Brown    Email: meib2018@gmail.com

Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL
Friday, February 10, 2023