International Class Notice


Each National Sunfish Class Association shall determine the World Championship Qualification System for their country.  In any question over citizenship/residency, the NSCA shall determine who represents their country.  A total of thirty (30) sailors are eligible to qualify from the United States.  All other countries are allowed to send five (5) sailors plus one additional sailor for every ten members over their basic membership of twenty members up to a maximum of ten sailors.  The host country is allowed to send five (5) additional sailors.


Any country not previously recognized by the ISCA may qualify up to two sailors at the World Championship if they can form an NSCA that must have a minimum of five members that have paid their dues to the ISCA by May first of the year of the Championship.


The top ten (10) finishers at the previous World Championship and all former and current World Champions automatically qualify in addition to the quotas for their countries.  Also, the top five (5) finishers at the European and South American Championships and the winners of ISCA Masters World Championship and the International Masters Championship are eligible to compete in addition to country quotas.  In addition, the North American, South American, and European Champions for the prior three (3) years also qualify for the World Championship.  Alternates will not be selected to fill these places should the qualifier be unable to attend.


All World qualifiers must be current members of ISCA to be eligible to race in the World Championship.

In addition, all ISCA Advisory and World Council members and committee chairpersons qualify for the World Championship:  All NSCA representatives to the Advisory and World Councils including the current and immediate past ISCA president, the vice president, secretary, treasurer, the chief measurer, membership committee chairperson and the advisory council chairperson.  Attendance at the World Championship by the above is critical for the coordination of the ISCA.  The above qualifiers shall be over and above the quotas for all NSCA's.  Should one of the above be unable to attend, no substitute World Qualifier shall be allowed.



Every member shall be entitled to apply to his sail the symbol earned by him racing in a sanctioned event, in accordance with the following schedule:
   World Champion - Gold Class Insignia
   Regional Champion - Silver Chevron
   Continental Champion - Silver Class Insignia
   Fleet Champion - Black Chevron
   National Champion - Gold Chevron


All sail awards shall be made by the USSCA.  World, Continental, National and Regional awards may be requested by the champions or event hosts each year.


Fleet Captains must apply in writing to their NSCA for fleet sail awards.  The Fleet Captain must provide:

Fleet Champion's full name, address and registered sail number;

Number of races in the fleet series (minimum: 5 races);

Total points obtained by the fleet champion and runner-up in the series;

Fleet Charter number and location of racing activity.


Team awards shall include the letter "T" in the middle of the insignia or directly under the chevron.  Each member of the championship team shall be entitled to display a sail award.


Chevrons shall be applied to the sail centered below the sail numbers with the chevron apex up.  Additional chevrons shall be located below the first.  See Class Rules for placement of chevrons.



The following events shall be deemed to be sanctioned events for the purpose of the Constitution, the Rules and the Bylaws of the ISCA:

World Championship events including the World Championship, Youth World Championship, and the Masters World Championship;

Continental Championship events including North American, South American and European Championships, and North American Women's, Youth and Doubles Championships;

National Championship events including Mid-Winter, US Masters and Team National Championships;

Regional Championship events; and

Any other events as may be designated by the World Council or NSCA, as the case may be.

Any sanctioned events shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and guidelines as set forth by the ISCA.



  • Nothing shall prohibit two persons from racing a Sunfish sailboat provided that both persons sail together for the entire series



80-80+ Senior Master

70-79   Great Grand Master

60-69   Grand Master

50-59   Master

40-49   Apprentice Master



Junior (will not attain age 16 by end of the calendar year in which the regatta occurs)

Youth (will not attain the age 19 by end of the calendar year in which the regatta occurs)


Send any regatta details for posting to the website to the class office by email at