Women's North American Championship


Trophy: The Linda Tillman Women’s North American Championship Perpetual Trophy


This perpetual trophy was named for Linda Tillman to honor her memory as a first-place finisher on the racecourse as well as in our hearts. She was a mentor and friend and one of the most special people we've had the privilege of sailing with. 


Year Winner Host
2023 Amanda Callahan (Bristol YC, RI) Lewes Yacht Club, NJ
2022 Elaine Parshall Lake Bluff Yacht Club
2021 Caroline Young  Columbia Sailing Club, SC
2019 Gail Heausler (5) Niantic Bay Yacht Club
2018 Lucy Brock Austin Yacht Club
2017 Anne Patin (5) Fairhope Yacht Club
2016 Gail Heausler (4) Menantic Yacht Club
2015 Nancy Haberland (7) Rehoboth Bay Sailing Assoc.
2014 Anne Patin (Old Cove) (4) Lake Bluff YC
2013 Mindy Strauley Davis Island YC
2012 Marguerite Koehler (South Bay Water Assoc).) Windycrest Sailing Club
2011 Anne Patin (3) Sayville Yacht Club
2010 Anne Edwards (Bay-Waveland YC) (4) Sarasota Sailing Squadron
2009 Anne Edwards (Bay-Waveland YC) (3) Bay-Waveland YC
2008 Anne Patin (Sayville YC/Old Cove YC)(2) Lewes YC
2007 Anne Edwards (Bay-Waveland YC) (2) Wawasee YC
2006 Jackie Sims (Venice Youth Boating Assoc.) Sarasota Sailing Squadron
2005 Joanne Kolius (2) Bay-Waveland YC/Houston YC at Houston YC
2004 Anne Edwards (Bay-Waveland YC) (1) Ninnescah Sailing Assoc.
2003 Gail Heausler (3) James Island YC
2002 Nancy Haberland (6) Clearwater YC
2001 Anne Patin (Sayville YC/Old Cove YC)(1) Moriches YC
2000 Joanne Weberlein (Joanne Kolius) (1) Austin YC
1999 Nancy Haberland (5) Bay Waveland YC
1998 Linda Tillman (Wawasee YC) Wequaquet Lake YC
1997 Nancy Haberland (4) Eau Gallie YC
1996 Kara Forman (Bristol YC) Lake Bluf YC
1995 Posy Seifert (Hunterdon SC) Sea Clif YC
1994 Lee Parks (Hyannis YC) (2) Austin, TX
1993 Nancy Haberland (Watch Hill YC) (3) Columbia, SC
1992 Jean Bergman (Macatawa Bay YC) (4) Wequaquet Lake YC
1991 Gail Heausler (David Island YC) (2) Ponchtrain YC
1990 Melissa Shepstone (Sea Cliff YC) Lewes YC
1989 Jean Bergman (Macatawa Bay YC) (3) Davis Island YC
1988 Gail Heausler (Davis Island YC)(1) Houston YC
1987 Lee Parks (1) Rehoboth Bay Sailing Assoc.
1986 Nancy Haberland (2) Miami YC
1985 Nancy Haberland (Waukegan YC) (1) Winnetka YC
1984 Leslie Weatherly (Gulfport YC) (4) Beverly YC
1983 Leslie Weatherly (Gulfport YC) (3) Houston YC
1982 Leslie Weatherly (Gulfport YC) (2) Gulfport YC
1981 Leslie Weatherly (Gulfport YC) (1) Mattituck YC
1980 Jean Bergman (Winnetka YC) (2) Devils Lake YC
1979 Jean Bergman (Winnetka YC) (1) Island Bay YC
1978 Martha Starkweather (Riverside YC) Sakonnet YC